Increase Your Listing’s Views and Sell Home Faster

Learn how to increase your position in Fizber Search Results and get more traffic.

Do you have a photo in your listing?

Photos can be just as important as the listing description. We highly recommend uploading more than 5 photos of your properties with your listing.

Is your listing description complete, informative, and concise?

Once a buyer finds your listing, they will want to see details provided, such as photos, floor plans, a map, directions, a detailed description, property features, contact information, pricing and much more. This is the information that most buyers look for before taking the next step to contact you.

Are you giving buyers your full contact information?

Provide your phone, fax and email address for faster communication.

Is your listing keywords optimized?

As search engines index your listing(s) they are looking for certain keywords in your text.

Example: If you are offering a house for sale in Miami Beach you may want to place in the description or listing title, "Home for sale in Miami Beach". By having your keywords or key phrases grouped together you will increase your chances of your listing ranking well and getting views.

Is you listing optimized for the Search Engines?

Fizber takes care of this for you. Fizber optimizes your Description and Title Meta Tags for your listing.

This means search engines will list your listing when they see any Meta Tags they need. Most search engines use META tags as a component of their ranking formulas. The tags can increase your search engine rank and display your important listing information on a search results page. These META tags directly relate to your listing promotion, to provide valuable information about your listing content.

Good luck using it. In the meantime, happy selling!

Fizber Team