It's Easy to Market your Home Seller's Blog

Tips for Sellers

So would like to sell your house by blogging about it? Great! There's a lot of information about a home an owner can give an interested buyer - about the neighborhood, about renovations, the state of the garden - that blogging is perfect for.

And since the home ad has more content, it should get a higher spot in the search engines, and therefore more traffic. So use a blog to get your home noticed!

By investing 20 minutes each week into blogging about your home you will sell it faster.

Learn How to Sell Your Home Fast:

  • Promote the neighborhood (schools, parks, shopping, etc.) with lots of links inside your blog, add images and panoramic pictures to promote your home and neighborhood.
  • Email the link to your Blog to your friends, family and coworkers.
  • Register with blog directories. A few examples: BlogCatalog, BlogHer, BlogWise, DelightfulBlogs, and Technorati. If you're just starting out, then these can also be a good source for your blogroll.
  • Use social bookmarks to promote your blog
  • Add your link to all your profiles. This includes your email signature, your profile page on MySpace, Facebook, Yelp, AIM, and anywhere else. It's not too obtrusive, but people DO click on it out of curiosity.
  • Regularly google your name and your blog's name so you'll know when people are mentioning you and leave a comment thanking them.Try searching for both "" and "My Blog Name." If that's too time-consuming for you, then sign up for Google Alerts.

Make Social Media Work For You

  1. Facebook: Its a social network that has opened its doors behind its college beginnings. Anyone can sign up. Start connecting with old friends and colleagues, like any other social network. But, unlike other social networks (as far as I know), you can import your own blog's RSS feed, so that your connections can see what you're blogging. Who knows where that might lead? Update: Myspace also allows this function, i believe.
  2. Join Helium: Helium is a new site that is actively looking people to head new categories of content. Think a paid "" — for its authors. If you have a particular interest that isn't yet served on Helium you might want to check it out; besides giving you cash for content, it'll also demonstrate your authority in a topic, and you'll be able to leverage Helium's own traffic for your own blog through a linkback on your profile.
  3. Yahoo Answers! A similar idea; but this time, you're answering questions that people are posting. Yahoo! is quite careful about spam, however, and including a "signature" is a dicey proposition at times. There is a fairly sophisticated registry and voting system that tries to prevent "gaming", but given how much traffic yahoo! answers gets, AND its inclusion as a separate result area in Yahoo SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) it might be something worth looking into.
  4. Create a Squidoo Lens: On a given related topic to your blog; participate in the Squidoo community; Squidoo has a ton of traffic, and you could funnel traffic and tastefully include links to other relevant sites and perhaps your own blog.
  5. Use MySpace Marketing: Far beyond the confines of this post, but in a similar fashion to Squidoo, the idea is to capitalize on the HUGE amount of traffic MySpace gets (some interesting thoughts over here). Create a profile, create relevant content and links back. Start adding friends. Comment on your friends space. Join groups. Start enjoying the trickle back traffic.
  6. Get Dugg / Netscaped / Reddited / Stumbled upon: Whole articles (and sites) are written about the intricacies of socially bookmarking. Here's a tip: focus on creating great content, make friends on these sites if they allow you to, and submit your stories judiciously. 'Nuff said (for now).

Connect, Connect, Connect

  1. Make friends with other bloggers: Ridiculously simple, but its true. Benefits of "networking" (making friends) include more mentions on other blogs, more requests for interviews, more partnerships in future deals, more "adds" into their MyBlogLog network, more "ads" into someone else's blogroll (and therefore links back to your blog) - it goes on and on.
  2. Guest blog: Offer to do it for free, and you'll be able to demonstrate what you know to an entirely new audience. Gives you great credibility, and of course, most will allow a courtesy link back to your own blog. A free foot-in-the-door to some communities as well.
  3. Volunteer, intern, scut-monkey your way into a blogger's graces: Maintaining a highly trafficked site is a lot of work. Offer to volunteer your time with menial behind the scenes stuff (moderating posts, acting as a bird dog for news) for free and with a smile, and you'll get a foot-in-the-door with the blogger, their network, and future opportunities.
  4. Get hired: You never know which blog organizations are looking to hire new bloggers; again, an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge, meet new bloggers, and open tons of professional "doors" … because now that you're getting paid? You're a "pro-blogger", mate!
  5. Network in person: Find other local bloggers using services like Meetup, and see if they're literally getting together to commiserate about blogging or their topic of blogging. If you've got the time, there's nothing that makes an impression as actually meeting someone in person. Tip: bring a business card; Another tip: if you don't have any, make some; yet another tip: if important people are going to be there, really - try and go.
  6. Join virtual groups: Through Yahoo Groups, Usenet, and more; then bring the conversation off the group with emails and instant messages. Be friendly, be helpful, and it will pay dividends.
  7. Cross promote: Once you've gotten to know people, you can kindly remind them to promote posts that you're particularly proud of; or, vote for your submissions on Digg or your social bookmarking site of choice. Reciprocate.

If you haven't created a blog yet, do it now. It is time to tell the world about your home for sale!