Fizber's Real Estate Predictions for 2010

The beginning of the new year brings all sorts of predictions. Since housing market conditions are one of the hottest topics affecting so many of us, real estate industry experts start making all sorts of predictions. Some are valid and others are merely opinions. A real estate investor/buyer needs to think on their own, find their own relevant data and be able to understand and analyze that data. Don't believe everything you read and hear, check things out for yourself. Only you know whether your investment is a wise and profitable one for you.

Here are some of Fizber's predictions for 2010:

  • The market will stabilize in third quarter of 2010. The wave of new foreclosures from Alt-A loans and ARM's will slow down.
  • There will be more short sale transactions approved and at a quicker pace as lenders and loan services start taking advantage of the government's financial incentives to close these transactions.
  • Interest rates will rise, but will still be affordable.
  • Unemployment will still remain high the first two quarters of the year and start leveling off the last two quarters of 2010.
  • Some sellers will start believing that home prices have bottomed in their area and that home prices are rising.
  • Buyers will continue to find good bargains with short sale and bank foreclosures as well as motivated sellers.
  • There will be fewer real estate agents getting their licenses, and many Real Estate Agents will drop out of the market because they cannot afford their MLS and board dues the first half of 2010. 
  • FSBO's listings will continue rising.
  • Investors will start flipping homes at a rapid pace.
  • Home sales will increase as the first two quarters of 2010 as buyers take advantage of the extended home buying credits and new credits for non-first time buyers.   
  • Lending guidelines will continue to be strict, but lenders will make more loans and refinances and recognize profits.
  • Fizber will continue to introduce cutting edge technology to our clients to make it easier for them to buy and sell. is a real estate for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) website. We believe that technology, and a consumer-centered business model, allow us to offer better service than a traditional FSBO site. We believe this approach is not only more efficient, but leads to better service. Fizber ensures wide targeted exposure to your listings. Wide audiences of property searchers are now one click away with Fizber's help. We guarantee ultimate visibility to every property listed.
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We hope that the New Year brings jobs, money and prosperity to all.  Wishing all our clients a happy and healthy new year.