Setting the Stage

Getting your house ready for selling is like setting the stage for a theatrical event. Your role is producer, director and actor.  You need to get your props and costumes in order. Learn your script.  Your guests will need to be provided with a brochure highlighting your home's features. You must pay close attention to the lighting and add music as well.  Your event must be publicized and advertised. This can be accomplished by advertising on the Internet, in local newspapers, and adding a flyer box outside your home.
You may want to send private invitations that you are having an open house. The guest list should consist of local Real Estate Agents, neighbors, personal friends and business acquaintances. Remember anyone of them may have friends and family that may be interested in your home.

Signage is also important. If your neighborhood allows, you should place a FSBO sign on your lawn so that potential buyers driving in the area and local Real Estate Agents know your house is available for sale.Order a professional sign.

Tips to Making a Good First Impression

Here are a few sure proof tips that will help you make a good first impression:
  • Clean your house so that it sparkles.
  • Remove clutter.
  • Stage your furniture. You may have to remove some items to create the illusion of space. Sometimes just rearranging furniture from one room to another is all it takes.
  • Add some colorful accessories such as throw pillows, beautiful table lamps, candles and flowers.
  • Play soft jazz or classical music.
  • Paint the rooms neutral colors. Also don't forget to paint the outside. Curb appeal is equally as important.
  • Get rid of any odors from smoking or pets with room diffusers. Keep windows open.
  • Let the sunshine in. Lighting is very important. You want your home to look light and bright and cheerful.
  • Bake an apple pie or cookies with a nice vanilla smell.
  • Mow your lawn, plants some new flowers. Trim bushes and shrubs. Stand outside and look at your home pretending that you are the buyer. If you like what you see, then so will your buyer.

Make your home as inviting as possible so that your potential buyers can imagine themselves living there.

Opening Day

Preparation for your opening day takes time and thought. Laziness is not an option. This is the day that you present your home to the public. Whether it's an open house or by invitation, first impressions matter. The goal is to make your home as desirable as possible to appeal to a large pool of buyers. FSBO's need to pay close attention to feedback from potential buyers and their agents.  Their impressions and comments will let you know how well your home scored on a scale of 1 to 10. Listen and make any changes that may improve your odds of getting the offer you want.  If you do receive an offer shortly after your opening event, then you succeeded in making the right impression, and your home will sell quickly for top dollar.

Today selling a home is more than just putting a sign out saying your home is for sale. It's an ongoing theatrical event from opening day to close of escrow.  As a FSBO, your goal is to make your home a hot commodity, the one that everyone is talking about. Start with pricing it properly. Make it inviting. Create a great first impression so that potential buyers and their agents remember your home. Be cordial and open to suggestions. If you follow this advice, you should be successful in selling your home for top dollar.