Online Advertising

The most effective marketing tool for FSBO's is online advertising. Because today's real estate market is so competitive, reaching as many qualified buyers is essential to getting your home sold. Advertising online should be the first step you take towards selling your home.

According to real estate industry experts, 92% of home buyers start their home buying search online. No one knows where their buyer will come from.  Having the ability to reach millions of buyers nationwide and internationally with online advertising, including virtual tours, maps, a personal webpage, photos, social media, and other tools gives you the edge to find the right buyer for your home. Communicate with your buyers via email anytime, anywhere while they are on the go.  The more online advertising you have, the better the results you will achieve and the faster you will sell your home. Fizber’s services will enable you to get maximum online exposure for your listing.

Getting Started with Fizber Online Marketing

Most house sellers make the mistake of only listing their property with one local real estate website. One single ad will never be noticed enough in the huge online space. More forward-looking FSBO's use multiple paid services, which is a more effective way of advertising because each new ad doubles the chances of selling a property. 

We have a revolutionary and effective approach to online advertising that we want to share with our clients. When you list with Fizber, you have access to our new positioning, the latest cutting edge technology and unique online tools to make sure your home selling process is successful.  Fizber is the First National Real Estate Internet Broadcasting Service.  We make it easy for you to get started with your online advertising and marketing. Here is how we do it:
Instead of listing your property on multiple paid websites, you create only one listing with Fizber, which is broadcast over the web to more than 150 real estate related websites, giving you the widest range of exposure online. This gives you the same exposure as if you were advertising your product on TV or radio.

When you list your property with us, you can be assured that every potential buyer will come across your listing while searching online because your Fizber listing is search engine optimized (seo) and has a higher chance of appearing on the first pages of search results in the most popular search engines in the U.S., such as,,, etc.

Other Reasons to Advertise your Listing on

92% of the buyers who use to find a home are not working with a Real Estate Agent. This saves you money by not having to pay the buyer's broker a commission.

77% of the buyers who use our site are already pre-qualified for a mortgage. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that the buyers responding to your listing on are qualified to close the transaction.

If you decide that you want to cooperate with real estate brokers, we offer a service where Fizber will list your property on the MLS for a flat fee of $295. A Fizber approved real estate agent will contact you for information about your property and list that property on your local MLS. You pay only 2%-3% to the real estate broker who brings you a buyer. If you find your own buyer, then you do not have to pay any commission.
If you don't have an online marketing strategy for selling your home, you will not be able to compete in today's marketplace. makes it simple for you to sell your home because we offer you everything you need in one place.  Fizber also provides you our personal touch. We really care about your success, thus offering prompt and responsive support and professional guidance to help you effectively organize your house ad. Be part of our revolutionary new way to advertise your listing on the net with Fizber's Real Estate Broadcasting Service.